Progress magazine is an award-winning digital first, bi-annual print magazine published by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University. Since 1953, this magazine has evolved to meet the changing dynamics of agriculture and natural resources in the state. Originally a simple newsletter published as a quarterly report to the taxpayers of Oregon for their support of the agricultural experiment stations, the now bi-annual magazine organically evolved over time to become a full-color professional magazine. Our stories show how agriculture and natural resources contributes to the economy, environment, and social structure of Oregon and the world. Our goal is to capture the interest of people who might otherwise think they have no connection to agricultural research. We reach readers through a freshly redesigned, mobile-friendly website and an awarding-winning print magazine.

The work at the College of Agricultural Sciences involves laboratories across the OSU campus, field stations across the state, and programs around the world. Research specific to communities or regions is administered at 11 branch experiment stations in 14 locations throughout Oregon.

The College of Agricultural Sciences connects people and the environment, helping communities and industries thrive by finding real-world solutions that are both economically and ecologically sustainable. With over 2600 students, 250 professorial faculty, $900,000 in scholarships, and $90 million in total R&D expenditures, the college is integral to Oregon State’s standing as a top-tier land-grant university and its ranking as 13th in the world for agriculture and forestry.

Funding from the Agricultural Research Foundation helps support printing and creative services for OAP publishing.

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