New fund to support up to 50% of undergraduate experiential learning opportunities in Food Science and Technology

By Heidi Happonen


rant and Alice Schoenhard have established a scholarship fund to support practical education experiences in Food Science & Technology. The scholarship fund will support internships, undergraduate research, and study and work abroad experiences. The goal is to support from 30-50 FST undergraduate students during 2022.

  • Internship support: The scholarship will include housing support while on a food science based internship for students who already carry a 12 month lease on their Corvallis housing, travel support, and tuition subsidies for students planning to register for internship credits
  • Undergraduate research support: The scholarship will support students conducting undergraduate research in FST.
  • Study or work abroad: The scholarship will support travel and/or lodging for students studying or working abroad in food science via official OSU exchange programs.

Dr. Goddik states that the Grant & Alice Schoenhard Practical Education Experience Fund will be a gamechanger for FST undergraduate students. The sheer size of this program makes it possible to support up to 50% of all undergraduate students. Each component of the scholarship aims to remove obstacles to experiential learning and allow more students to participate in these opportunities. The impact of encouraging practical education experiences is clear: we will develop better food scientists. Internships provide valuable understanding of the food industry and help students connect and relate the information taught in FST courses. research provides an extraordinarily beneficial opportunity to not only prepare for graduate school, but also to develop useful skills applicable beyond research such as attention to details, project planning, data analysis, etc. It allows students to gain great knowledge in specific topic areas that will help provide framework for classroom learning. Studying or working internationally often results in life altering perspectives and provide lessons well beyond the science of food. FST is grateful for this impactful contribution to FST and thanks Grant and Alice Schoenhard for their generous contribution.

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