An Original Baddie

Lucy Bauer, ’19
Food Science & Technology, Fermentation Science

Lucy Bauer, a 2019 Fermentation Science grad, isn’t one to brag. But behind her humble demeanor and quite smile, is a passion for brewing, science, and “discussing nuances of subjective sensory experiences”. Her journey to 2Towns began at Oregon State University with a focus on brewing and distillation. Soon her path led her to recipe development, and ultimately to the creation of a cider celebrating women.

Beavs Who Brew

What started as an educational goal towards botany or mycology stemming from a love of plants, Lucy soon found an interest in fermentation and started exploring brewing on her own. When she realized that some of her favorite foods and beverages were products of the interaction between microbes and agricultural products, it became clear she was destined for a degree in food science and fermentation. For Lucy, she finds it “endlessly fascinating, and often delicious.”

Breaking Barries with Baddie

Brewed by an all-women led team, The Baddie embraces the courage, strength, and grit of all women. Developed using 100% PinkLady apples, The Baddie envelopes notes of sweet floral botanicals drawn from hibiscus that elevate the cider with flair, depth, and sophistication. Embracing the spirit of empowerment, 2Towns partnered with the Pink Boots Society to donate a portion of the proceeds to the national nonprofit supporting women in fermentation.

Lucy was a key player in the creation of The Baddie and leads by example to embrace the spirit of women empowerment in fermentation and brewing.

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